To represent, support, promote, and book those people and ministries God has placed in our care. It is our desire to enable these ministries to reach their audience with the message of Jesus Christ. To recognize that quality, excellence and integrity in business honors God and reflects His character.

We believe God has entrusted people with gifts, talents and abilities for the building of the Body of Christ.  Many people will have a desire to be used in God’s work, but will not commit to stepping out of their comfort zones.  What I mean by that is comfort is safe and somewhat predictable.  Greater work cannot be accomplished unless we are willing to override our feelings of “comfort” and do what needs to be done.  It is bigger than the ever so popular “me” thinking.  It’s an expression of heart and passion!  It’s a place of vulnerability and exposure that few will have the courage to display, unless they have stepped beyond…themselves! These are the clients PACK represents and brings to your ministry…People who are willing to go beyond their “comfort” to bring about the greater work of God.  Just as we represent clients in a variety of genres, we also represent clients who are extremely accomplished in their ministry having impact both nationally and internationally as well as those less known.Kim and her husband Andy have been in the ministry most of their married life.  They have been married for nearly 25 yrs and have spent 22 of those years dedicated to serving God and His people in ministry in one form or another.  In those years, God has used them to touch and change many lives and have been touched by many themselves.  A good number of their students, who have been part of their Teen Ministries, have followed in their footsteps into ministry.  They have two wonderful children. Their son, Christian, is 16 and their daughter, Promises, is 7.