Camp Fit goes national

AR-709139915.jpg&maxw=290Bowie team debuts fitness series for kids Saturday

by Virginia Terhune Staff writer

‘Camp Fit’
When: Debuts 2 p.m. Saturday
Where: Channel 378, DirecTV, or streamed at
For information:

Bowie filmmaker Ron Williams says he doesn’t typically watch reality TV shows.

But when Rob Howze, also of Bowie, approached him about shooting, in episode form, a finess program he had developed for youth, Williams found himself saying yes.

“I came down to watch him training some kids, and the ideas started to flow,” says Williams, founder and owner of R.A.W. Cinema, who also produces and directs the series.

Working together with five young participants, the duo has produced a six-part, weekly half-hour show called “Camp Fit” that will premier at 2 p.m. Saturday on Channel 378 on DirecTV.

The show is part of the programming offered by the National Religious Broadcasters Network.

Those who do not subscribe to DirecTV can watch the show streamed online on the NRB web site at

Like the reality show “Survivor,” one of the participants wins a prize in this case, $1,000 but not for outmaneuvering the other participants.

“It’s not about getting any kids kicked off,” Howze says. “The goal is to build up and lose weight.”

Instead, the award is for the participant (revealed at the end of the show) who wins the most points in five separate categories throughout the program.

Camp Fit is part of Howze’s World Wide Community organization, which also offers sports and arts programs for children.

Jaeda York, a seventh-grader at Grace Christian School in Bowie, was one of the five participants in the show.

The others are Andre Bullock of Landover, Joshua Ross Ried of Lanham, Deangelo Scott of Capitol Heights and Zachary Bryson of Bowie.

Also appearing along with Howze is Damon Watson-Willis Jr., a student trainer.

Jaeda York says she signed up for Howze’s regime because she wanted to be more fit and active.

“The experience was great,” she says. “I learned about portion control, eating habits and that with the power of God, you can get through anything.”

She kept a journal, writing down what she ate and learning how many calories, carbs and fats were in the food she was eating.

She also did cardio and strength training, exercising in a gym and playing tennis and football outside.

Although the camp ended in August, she continues to exercise and eat well.

“I feel better, I feel more energized, and it was actually very fun,” says Jaeda, who also shared what she learned with her parents, Patrice and Kelvin York.

“My husband and I said we would support her on her journey,” says Patrice, who cut back on pizza along with her daughter.

“Instead of four pieces, we’d just have two pieces, “ Jaeda says.

Howze’s nutrition training also has changed household cooking habits.

“It was definitely worth the time to cook fresh vegetables, and now we don’t fry chicken, we bake it in the oven,” she says.

The family also now goes bike riding, and “my husband started to lift weights again,” Patrice says.

With the show being seen nationally on DirecTV, Howze and Williams envision future shows.

“Our goal is to take Camp Fit to different places [around the country],” Williams says.

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