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YES, PACK has a YouTube Channel

So, you’re aware that we represent INCREDIBLE ministries such as, Darnell Moore & Company, Elisha St. James (formerly David James & FLASHPOINT), Donald Simms Jr., and Tiffany K..  But, were you aware that all you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to PACK’s YouTube Channel and you’ll be able to listen to each one of these DYNAMIC recording artists without the hassle of leaving and searching through other channel’s??  Right here at you can find out all you need to know to book one of our National or International Christian Recording Artists.

The PACK makes imPACK wherever we go...
The PACK makes imPACK wherever we go…


Elisha St. James
Elisha St. James

Indie Artists, Managers, Songwriters…

Artists, Managers, Songwriters, Holy Hip Hop Artists and Indie Label Owners. This is the best $80 you could ever spend this year. Come to the 5th Annual IGAA Conference. At this conference we will teach you the Business of Gospel Music so that you can navigate your career with knowledge. Visit the website to see all of the topics we We also have showcases and the Gospel Blue Mic Achievement Awards. The success stories from our conference grows every year. Come and get some learning with your burning. The fellowship alone is worth the journey.  For more info


IGAA Conference

P.A.C.K. Presents the SPEAK LIFE TOUR with David James

Will you join PACK’s SPEAK LIFE project2014??  One of the ways we can make an imPACK everywhere we go is by building up those you live with, those you work with or go to school with.  We can choose to speak positive in any situation we encounter.  David James and P.A.C.K. Promotional Management are on a mission to make a difference in the way we use our tongue.  Will you join this project to make an imPACK?

“The tongue can bring death or life;
those who love to talk will reap the consequences”
Proverbs 18:21 (NLT)

“A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.”
Proverbs 15:1 (NKJV)

Speak Life Project 2014
Speak Life Project 2014

The Lords Church1374414_10153753182000282_175221498_nErwin Church of God

Darnell Moore’s NEW HIT SINGLE, Here Comes Jesus


Darnell Moore, the Washington, D.C. native was almost born between the pews. His father, Bishop Devaughan Moore, a pastor since 1990, raised Darnell in a strict upbringing, a result of his strong religious and military background. His parents – his mother was a stay-at-home-mom – taught young Darnell the importance of prayer and reading and studying the Bible. For him, those habits became a way of life.












Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all you favorite PACK ministries.

PACK’s own Tiffany K. speaks of our mindset in her new hit song, New Year New You.  Get yours today.  Available on iTunes and cdbaby.

New Year New You came to me in 2011.  It was inspired by a statement that Pastor Mike Freeman had made at our New Year’s Eve service.  “A new year doesn’t mean a thing unless you change the way you think”.  I begin to really think about that and the lyrics just began to flow. One day I went to a website that produces music and beats. I found some music that really inspired me to continue with the song, but I sat on the song for just about a whole year.  In 2012, Pastor Sheretta hosted her first Sparkle Girl Conference and the theme was “New Year New You”.  I knew I had to release the song. I knew I was on to something.  I performed the song at her conference and the women loved it.  Every since then I have been singing and blessing others with the message of  New Year New You. The single official released in Aug 2012.  Many of us wait until special days to do big things. But the song encourages us that our new year, new beginning starts with our mindset.  So we don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day, our 30th Birthday, or Retirement, etc.  We can switch our thinking at any moment and have the things we dream about.  We have to do something different if we want something different.  Get on your mark, mindset, you go!!!!  It’s a New Year New You.”
~Tiffany K.



Indie’s big night in the DMV: List of winners for DMV Christian Music Awards

0ec32892d5abedc01b0e39711331a299The DMV Christian Music Awards was held Saturday, September 21 at the i5 Church in Odenton, Md. The awards show recognizes the best and the brightest in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia). The DMV Christian Music Awards is the brainchild of media mogul Troy Edwards, CEO of 3HP Records.

Tanya Dallas-Lewis served as the show’s host, fresh on the heels of her compelling performance at the Evolution of Concert at the Kennedy Center last week. As expected, the night was filled with song. Many artists took to the stage to perform, including Jimmy Russell and BOC and worshipper Javon Inman.

Big winners for the night included Robert E. Person who took home two awards; Gospel Jazz Artist of the Year and Artist of the Year. Javon Inman matched Person’s success and snagged two awards himself; Praise and Worship Artist of the Year (Male) and Indie Artist of the Year (Male). Breakthrough Artist of the Year honors went to ShaKara Monique.

Tanya Dallas-Lewis scored a win for her popular show, “The Music Box.” The show was named Internet Radio Show of the Year. “The Music Box” brings listeners a mix of music and interviews with independent artists, movers and shakers and gospel greats like Dorothy Norwood who was interviewed by Dallas-Lewis a few weeks ago.

Based on social media buzz, the DMV Christian Music Awards had another successful year. Continue reading Indie’s big night in the DMV: List of winners for DMV Christian Music Awards

2013 DMV Christian Music Awards

547484_10151839693723286_1889840956_nPACK is proud to have 7 clients nominated for the 2013 DMV Christian Music Awards.
Nominees include,  Forceful Movement in the childrens talent category, Tiffany K. in 2 different categories, Female Indie Artist of the Year and Female P&W of the year., Donald Simms for Male Contemporary Artist of the Year and Male Indie Artist of the Year,  Darnell Moore & Company for Male P&W of the Year and Best Choir/Ensemble/Group of the Year, Fully Covered for Holy Hip Hop of the Year, D. Jakolby Washington & JudahLYFE for Male Contemporary Artist of the Year and Best Choir/ Ensemble/Group of the Year and Pun Productions for Producer of the Year.

Performing at this years show will be PACK‘s Forceful Movement as well as Donald Simms.

Presenting Awards from PACK will be Kim Hixson, Donald Simms, David James, & Tiffany K.

A NIght of Worship

912483_10153102785860282_956278843_nP.A.C.K. Promotional Management presents “A NIght of Worship” with Darnell Moore, Donald Simms, Tiffany K, and David James. This night is specifically designed to capture the heart of the Father as we worship Him in Spirit and truth. Join us at the Odenton Church of God, 1460 Berger Rd., Odenton, MD 21113, Lead Pastor Eddie Sweeney. Doors open at 5:30 PM. Event begins at 6:00 PM.